I have always loved using my voice.  In college, years ago, you could find me in the campus radio station studio, late at night, doing commercials for local pizza shops and bars.  “Rocking” to me meant reel-to-reel tape on big plastic spools, editing old school with a razor blade and sticky tape.   If I wasn’t there, I was running role-playing games, doing Irish voices, Scottish voices, any old thing that would let me create.  There were all the standard plays and musicals, but my favorite times were in the studio, alone, creating.  In the years that followed, there were slide-shows, and later Powerpoint presentations, for church and civic groups, bringing Lincoln and the Founding Fathers alive.  The characters in my head would not shut up, and I loved every time I had the chance to let them out.


        Finally, the real world caught up with ME.  The sound became digital, the editing became mouse-driven, and a quality sound booth became within easy reach.  Today I can create audio that would have taken a professional studio years ago.


        I am on target, and ready to produce for YOU.  Have a listen on the Demo page, and watch new offerings go up as I get them done.  If you have audio advice, I would love to hear it, and if you’d like my talents, they are ready and waiting!   “All right,  EVERYBODY INTO THE BOOTH!”                                 




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