I'm Andy Bartmess, and welcome to the home of Everybody and Me.  There’s nothing more fun than going into the sound booth and seeing who’s there!  A long-time character myself, I’ve done broadcast work for WDJO Oldies 1480, computer game voices, RPG web-spots, outreach promos, and endless comedy bits to show off my voice and writing skills.  I can offer high-quality sound, boundless enthusiasm, and a voice that will do handsprings for you.  The characters in my head are just waiting to do whatever you need:  Scottish, Irish, English, old codgers, young madmen, sound-alikes and straight narration, I am there for you. Welcome to some blatent self-promotion and please send any notes, as I always welcome suggestions!



                       On Air and Demo Work


Triumph of Cincinnati

I always wanted to do THAT gravelly performance car spot. Here it is. With motorcyles. Pitched the tag line myself and they used it. Another radio spot for WDJO. 


Car insurance spot for WDJO, Cincinnati.  Old Guy voice is me.

Beautiful Ohio Promo

Rich, full bodied tourism in that style we love, a faux-mercial of my own.

Lore – Journey Ever Onward

Audio for a web promo I did for the LORE role-playhing game.

Dark Mod Reel (120)

Character work for The Dark Mod, the reborn THIEF computer game.  I’ve worked with nearly a dozen Mission authors.

Narration Reel

A demo done for a Voices For All Seminar.

Comprehensive Environmental Services

Vent cleaning commercial for WDJO, with a hint of Rod Serling!  Audio only track here.

Commercial Reel

Demo done for the same VFA Seminar.

WDJO Promo

Promo spot for a local Oldies radio station.

The Master Thief

Character audition that got me into doing VO for The Dark Mod.

The Dark Mod Trailer

Straight narration I did for the game’s STEAM Greenlight audition, which won it a distribution deal!

National Duct Tape Council

The Old Home Handyman does a PSA for the NDTC and duct tape!  Audio only here.

The Cremation of Sam Magee

A long four-minute reading of the classic Robert W. Service tale of the Yukon, back in the day.  Straight narration, mostly.

Blackwater Speedway

A nostalgia spot that brings back those great days of yesteryear! Audio track only here.

The Archives

The archives have a lot of my older drama and comedy bits.  Check them out!


    I run MP3 or Wav from Protools with a Blue Spark microphone, through a VIA Mbox Mini with a Dyn3 Compressor/Limiter enabled, but I can get whatever audio format you are comefortable with.

    In my spare time I remodel arcade machines and game, and I am also the author of the original Star Trek Tri-D Chess Rules.

   Thanks for stopping in, and enjoy what we have on display. As for the rest of you guys, we have work to do. QUICK! EVERYBODY INTO THE BOOTH!


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